Studebaker The coupe – Roadster
Veteran of 1924
The veteran is Fully renovated and mobile

About the car

Studebaker light six 1924

In 1924, a Hollywood actress ( Mary E. Hayes) had a custom-made Car Studebaker The coupe – Roadster, series EM. Only 10 were produced in this series. Now only 4 pieces have been preserved. One is in China, two pieces are in California (one in the find state – before renovation, the other after unprofessional renovation) and the last piece is this one - transported from America to the Czech Republic and professionally renovated. Description and photos of the renovation can be found in the gallery.

The renovation was largely carried out under the professional supervision of the Brno Veterans Museum. All the parts used on this car are original, no replicas. The renovation was carried out in 2014-2016.

After Mary E Hayes' death, her daughter, who was a musician, took over the car and had custom-made musical instruments that were very expensive thanks to handicrafts. Since she had no money to pay for it, she left the car in consideration to this musical instrument maker named Michael Dean McDaniel. This man had the car stored in his garage for over 70 years. I bought the car from him on April 14, 2014. So I'm only the third owner in line, which is an important thing in veteran history. During the renovation, we also contacted Studebaker in the USA directly and wanted information from them important for the renovation. There we were told how we could import this car in the first place, as they do not even have such an exemplary piece in the Studebaker Museum in the USA.

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Studebaker light six 1924

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